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About Us

AvicenaKS Laboratory is a leader in the field of laboratory diagnostics, which offers a wide range of routine and innovative tests in all areas of clinical pathology. Avicena Laboratory is engaged in testing samples from the fields of biochemistry and microbiology, in accordance with the highest quality standards and user requirements.

“The laboratory was established in accordance with all requirements for quality control of laboratory work in terms of equipment, reagents and working conditions based on the principles of ideal laboratory practice.”

Higher technology experienced experts.

AvicenaKS Laboratory has the latest technology testing equipment and employs experienced and professional experts, whose focus in the work process is to achieve accurate and reliable results in the field of laboratory diagnostics.

Quality and efficiency are our basic postulates, they are and will always be the key to our success and make us a reliable and competent partner for doctors, medical staff, hospitals, operations, insurance companies, companies, and individuals. Avicena Laboratory is fully committed to the ongoing maintenance of the quality of work at the highest possible level.

  • We offer comprehensive diagnostics by specialized staff with high professional and ethical values.
  • Continuous control, serious approach to the Work Process, and continuous monitoring.
  • We enable urgent analysis processing.