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Department of Neuropsychiatry

The Neuropsychiatry Division at AvicenaKS Polyclinic was created to assess and treat individuals with mental disorders attributable to diseases of the nervous system.

Our large team has expertise in the entire range of mental disorders. Our department provides you with assessment and treatment for emotional, behavioral, cognitive and perceptual difficulties in the presence of neurological disease, whether it has already been diagnosed or is a possible underlying cause. The neuropsychiatric aspects of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury, and immune conditions are among the areas of sub-specialized concentration. Our center brings together specialists in neuropsychiatry with those in behavioral neurology, geriatric psychiatry, neuropsychology, social work and occupational therapy to care for patients in an individualized way.

Furthermore, we offer patient-centered care and pre-obstructive field advances in the treatment of neurological diseases.

We offer multidisciplinary care and counseling services.

Addiction services

Addiction services provide a range of services for addicted people aimed at preventing and treating substance abuse and improving safety in the community.

Most treatments available are community based. This means that our services support and help them cope more effectively in daily life, so that they are better able to reduce their addiction to drugs or alcohol and the problems associated with them.

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

It is characterized by long-term fatigue that affects daily life and does not escape sleep or rest. It can include both physical difficulties (eg fatigue) and psychological difficulties (eg confused thinking). Although Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can sometimes follow a viral infection, quite often the cause is unclear. It is characterized by long-term fatigue that affects daily life. Symptoms may include -Fatigue for four months or more -Feeling unusual fatigue, aggravated by activity.

  • Concentration or memory-impaired -Uncured/disturbed sleep
  • Muscle pain
  • Sore throat
  • If you think you are suffering from symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, contact your doctor and discuss a referral to the service.

This means that when you refer to the Chronic Syndrome service, you will be evaluated by a health professional who will assess your needs. We work with the ethics of a person-centered approach, as people suffering from chronic fatigue are all unique, and therefore all treatments should be unique to the individual. There are various options that can be discussed with you. We make sure you are involved in all the decisions for which options are offered. Once you have made your appointment and your needs have been assessed, you will be involved in formulating an individual care plan to help support the condition. There will be ongoing assessments throughout the treatment process ensuring that your needs are met.

Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorder can be difficult to diagnose as there are a number of presentations. Its effects however can be devastating and it has one of the highest suicide rates of any mental health condition.

The services we offer:

  • Program for the treatment of depressive disorders
  • Program for the treatment of panic disorders
  • Program for the treatment of psychotic irritation and psychosocial disorders in schizophrenic disorders
  • Program for the treatment of delusional and schizotypal disorders
  • Program for the treatment of behavioral (behavioral) and psychotic symptoms in dementia
  • Program for anti-recurrent treatment of schizophrenia
  • Program for treatment with antidepressant medication
  • Program for treatment with antipsychotics
  • Program for emotional stabilization during affective disorders
  • Program for working with families of patients with schizophrenic disorders
  • Program for the treatment of patients with anxiety disorders.

We care about you!

AvicenaKS Laboratory

AvicenaKS Laboratory is a center of excellence. Vision, perseverance, and innovation are what represents us. The professionalism and dedication of the doctors in Avicena Laboratory enable all patients specialized medical service in the highest standards that medicine offers today. The heart of our laboratory is the patients and their needs.