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Fibro Test

What is the Fibro test and the Fibro Max test?

Fibro test and Fibro Max test are non-invasive methods of diagnosing liver, based on blood sample – diagnosis of liver disease with biomarkers from serum, easy to use, and providing high accuracy results. With over two million tests performed worldwide and over 280 scientific studies, FibroTest and FibroMax are intensively used in clinical practice by hepatologists, infectious disease specialists, and gastroenterologists.

FibroTest – ActiTest

Assess the level of fibrosis and/or cirrhosis of the liver and the level of inflammatory necrosis activity (these are the two main causes of liver disease). Fibrosis is a health condition caused by the reaction of the diseased liver. The most serious stage of fibrosis is known as cirrhosis. Inflammatory necrosis activity is inflammation of the liver caused by disease. It is often compared to a burning condition.

FibroTest is the only test that is able to classify the early stages of hepatic fibrosis. It offers the best performance in all stages of fibrosis, from the healthy liver to cirrhosis.

Of all the non-invasive tests for assessing liver function, FibroTest is the least sensitive to known risk factors for false positive and negative elements, such as certain types of inflammatory activity and Steatosis.

FibroTest – ActiTest

FibroTest-ActiTest includes 6 parameters, 2 results (combining six standard markers from serum).
Gamma-GT– Total bilirubin – Alpha-2-macroglobulin – Apolipoprotein A1 – Haptoglobin ActiTest provides direct markers for inflammatory activity: Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) ALT and AST are not included in the formula that calculates fibrosis, but for fibrosis ActiTest. These markers are calculated depending on the patient’s age and gender.


Blood sampling for the FibroTest and FibroMax test should be performed in the morning on an empty stomach and on an empty stomach. FibroTest is approved and recommended by the European Society for the Study of the Liver (EASL), Diabetes (EASD) and Obesity (EASO), for the purpose of assessing fibrosis in patients suffering from metabolic disorders (NAFLD) and EASL and for evaluating patients with who consume a lot of alcohol. FibroTest and FibroMax are non-invasive tests that are applicable to most patients (98%). They are available separately. For the price of each of these two tests, see the AvicenaKS lab price list.

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