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Who is recommended for testing nutrient parameters?

To achieve and maintain the desired weight, you have decided to start a diet and engage in physical activity. But what diet should you choose? The Mediterranean or the Atkins Diet? You need energy, but do you get rid of fats or sugars? Or, is the diet better for you with more protein? Or, to choose a balanced diet and do calorie counting regardless of their origin? Too much effort and time wasted? Genetic testing can help.

What genetic tests are performed at AVICENAKS?

In our lab, we test five different genetic variants in four key genes, including regulating the body’s energy balance through fat and sugar metabolism (ADRB2: Arg16Gly, Gln27Glu, ADRB3: Trp64Arg, FABP2: Thr55Ala, PPARG: Pro12Ala). Their combination identifies up to 243 possible genotypes. Scientific studies have shown that a genetically based diet allows for greater and more lasting loss than if the diet is administered independently of your hereditary predispositions.

AvicenaKS Laboratory

AvicenaKS Laboratory is a center of excellence. Vision, perseverance, and innovation are what represents us. The professionalism and dedication of the doctors in Avicena Laboratory enable all patients specialized medical service in the highest standards that medicine offers today. The heart of our laboratory is the patients and their needs.