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AvicenaKS Laboratory provides personal data protection for patients, associates, its employees and all other entities (natural persons for whom the processed data are brought), whose personal data on any basis (compliance) , contract, etc.) are processed in any way in the LABORATORY AvicenaKS.
Certain expressions that are used in this Policy and are related to the protection of personal data have the same meaning as the expressions that are provided by the Law on Personal Data Protection 03 / l.-172, l. no.2004 / 4 and 06 / l.-082.
  • Personal data in AvicenaKS LABORATORY are processed exclusively in accordance with the current validity of legal and sub-legal provisions in the field of personal data protection, as well as legal and sub-legal regulations in the field of health protection and regulation of the work of health institutions.
  • AvicenaKS Laboratory assures the citizen in maintaining the confidentiality of personal data and information that are related to his health condition; medical treatment as well as any other information contained in his health documentation.
  • We AvicenaKS Laboratory guarantee equal standards in health care for all citizens and residents by ensuring standards when meeting the requirements at all levels of health care, as well as providing health care without discrimination based on gender, nation, race, color, language, religion, political beliefs, social status, sexual orientation, degree of physical and mental ability, family status and age.
  • We assure you of the full equality of the public, private, and public-private partnerships in the provision of health care, in accordance with this law.
  • Supervisors of AvicenaKS Laboratory are obliged to protect the confidentiality of personal data encountered during the performance of their duties, as well as after the cessation of the exercise of their duties.
  • Collection, storage and management of data in an orderly and secure manner; ensuring easy access to data; The protection and confidentiality of personal data are guaranteed to every natural person.
  • AvicenaKS Laboratory ensures the complete reliability, integrity, and protection of personal data of the subjects. Our laboratory undertakes all necessary organizational, administrative, technical, and physical measures for the protection of personal data that are processed and the same data, at any time, protects them from accidental or illegal destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure. or unauthorized access or even from any kind of illegal forms of processing.
  • The citizen is authorized to make a statement regarding who can get information about his illness and its prognosis, as well as who does not have the right to be fully or partially informed about his recovery data.
  • The data from the above paragraph must be learned, even without obtaining the consent of the citizen, Only if this is provided by law.
  • Every personal data subject has the right to submit a Request for access and adjustment for his personal data which AvicenaKS LABORATORY processes.

For any questions about personal data protection, entities are authorized to contact us at any time at info@avicena-ks.org

Any changes to our personal data protection policy will be appropriately incorporated into this document and will be published in a place visible to all entities.
With respect,

AvicenaKS Laboratories