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VERAgene is the first comprehensive non-invasive prenatal test that can simultaneously analyze chromosomal aneuploidies, microdeletions and 50 monogenetic diseases. VERAgene is an accurate, safe non-invasive test, available for same-sex, twin pregnancies and pregnancies with missing twins. The test can be done from the 10th week of pregnancy. The test is safe for both the mother and the fetus, because only a sample of the mother’s venous blood and a swab (sample) from the buccal region (from the inside of the mouth-cheek mucosa) of the biological father are needed. hundreds of samples, it has been proven that VERAgene has shown high sensitivity and specificity in detecting these aforementioned characteristics.

What is a prenatal test?

It is a test that can detect if chromosomal abnormalities exist in the fetus. The non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) analyzes the DNA of free cells in the mother’s blood to detect certain genetic disorders. It is important because it provides a safe and accurate way for the baby to be tested before birth for the presence of genetic disorders.

What can VERAgene detect?

  • Down Syndrome (Trizomy 21)
  • Edward Syndrome (Trizomy 18)
  • Pata Syndrome (Trizomy 13)


(Only in pregnancies of one sex)

  • Turner Syndrome (45 X)
  • Triple X Syndrome (47 XXX)
  • Klinefelter Syndrome (47 XXY)
  • Jacobs Syndrome (47 XYY)
  • (48 XXYY)


  • George Syndrome (22Q11.2)
  • Delation syndrome (1P36)
  • Volv-Hirschhorn Syndrome (4P16.3)


(3-methylcrotonyl CoA carboxylase deficiency 1, 3-methylcrotonyl CoA carboxylase deficiency 2, Abetalipoproteinemia, Bardet-Biedl Syndrome 12, Beta thalassemia, Buturilholin esterase deficiency, De facto Cystic fibrosis, X cystic fibrosis recessive polycystic kidney disease, Crigler-Najjar syndrome type 1, Familial dysautonomia, Horea-acanthocytosis, Arthrogryposis-mental retardation, Cannabis disease, Fanconi anemia, Mediterranean familial fever, Glycogen-linked glycogenic encephalopathy type 3 Glycogen-related Glycogen 7, Gracile Syndrome, Inclusive Body Myopathy 2 (HIBM), Isovaleric acidemia, Joubert Syndrome type 2, Herlitz JEB, Leber congenital Amaurosis associated with LCA5, Lipoprotein lipase deficiency, Degidate cell-cell hypoplasia, Lipid lipid hypoplasia 3-Hydroxyacyl CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency, Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency, Muscular Dystrophy Type 2, Methylmalonic Acidosis, Hunger Disease with aroma Panji type 1B, Nijmegen Syndrome, Neurohepatopathy Navaho MPV17, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis MFSD8, Ornithine Translocase Deficiency Syndrome, Peroxisome Biogenesis Disorders in the Spectrum, Retellin PE1, Zellweger PEP Phenylketonuria, Cerebellar Hypoplasia type 2E, Private Dehydrogenase Deficiency, Usher Syndrome type 1F, Sjorgen Larsson Syndrome, Tay-Saxon Disease, Sanfillipo Syndrome type D).

Why should future parents choose the VERAgene test?

1. More comprehensive
Unlike aneuploidies and microdeletions, in monogenic diseases, the risk of their occurrence does not increase with the age of the mother and for them, there are no biochemical biomarkers and ultrasound that would help in their early detection.
2. High precision.

VERAgene is the only non-invasive prenatal test, which simultaneously presents disorders for aneuploidy, microdeletions, and 50 monogenic diseases.

3. Non-invasive
VERAgene is the only non-invasive prenatal test, which simultaneously presents disorders for aneuploidy, microdeletions, and 50 monogenic diseases.

How can I do VERAgene?

VERAgene can be done from the tenth week of pregnancy. Your doctor or lab technician will take samples from the biological parents and send them for analysis. TO DETERMINE THE TEST, IT IS NECESSARY TO TAKE BLOOD FROM THE MOTHER, AS WELL AS SAMPLES FROM THE BIOLOGICAL REGION OF THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER. The patented VERAgene technology will isolate and analyze free DNA. VERAgene test results are sent to a special and secure online portal to your doctor within a few days. LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR PRENATAL TEST During the first trimester there are conventional screening tests that include ultrasonographic examinations and biochemical blood tests. In combination with other parameters, such as maternal age, there is a risk of certain genetic disorders in the fetus which is assessed without direct analysis of fetal DNA. The accuracy of this screening test is low (80 – 95%). If this prenatal examination shows that the fetus has a high risk of developing certain genetic disorders, your doctor will recommend an invasive test such as Amniocentesis. This invasive test has high accuracy (> 99%), but in about 1 in 200 cases it can cause miscarriage. Now, with the help of the VERACITY test, you are able to do a test with high accuracy (> 99%) and at the same time very safe, and accurate.


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